It was May 2005, Jeff was 15 and Mandy was 16. Online dating wasn't really a thing, apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. didn't exist yet and because of the stigmas surrounding the whole idea we were afraid to tell our parents that we each met someone in a completely different state halfway across the country.

So naturally we did what any teenager would do: we kept it a secret from our parents. I guess it's only appropriate that our song of the summer was none other than The All-American Rejects Dirty Little Secret which was released on June 6 2005, literally 12 days after we officially started dating (May 25, 2005).  

How did you meet anyway?

At the time we met, and up until recently (more on that soon), we considered the fact we met each other a complete fluke. Mandy was looking for computer help – she had a nasty malware infection that was preventing her from being able to complete a school project. I was part of an online community that specialized in helping people remove malware from their computers. After doing some research of her own, Mandy ended up posting a support request on a site that I was a member of: Geeks to Go. Despite the way the name sounds, the site was not a dating site.

Anyway, due to the fact the infection Mandy had contracted on her computer was a completely new one (at the time), no one was really sure how to remove it, which finally led Mandy to end up in the support chat for the site where she continued to get help from people for three days prior to me ever saying a single word to her. Yep, she almost slipped right through my fingers.

On her third day in the support chat, I must have had some kind of divine intervention because I decided to chime in and try to help her out. After hours of talking in the chat room and helping get her computer functional again, we succeeded! I don't know if it was teenage hormones (it probably was) or something else, but we kept chatting and she mentioned that this was like the tenth time something bad happened to her computer, at which point I couldn't help myself but to tell her, and I quote: "you need a geek in your life ^_^"

And you know what, it worked. I count my lucky stars every day.

How did your parents find out?

Prior to our parents finding out about our relationship, we did what any 15 and 16 year olds would do: we concocted, what I can only describe now as, an insane scheme to meet. It involved neither of us having a driver's license, a Ford Mustang, and a long drive from Florida to New York. Needless to say, this scheme never came to fruition for obvious reasons.

As we moved from May to June and from June to July, I started my summer internship at which point I decided now was the right time to start calling Mandy on the phone (keep in mind this was 2005). Every day, I would call Mandy on my lunch break and talk to her, I remember how excited I was and how nervous and shy she sounded. I worked really hard to bring her out of her shell. One thing I remember specifically thinking every time I called her was "What if my parents look at my outgoing call log on the bill? How will I explain that Florida number?" Despite not having a good answer thought of, I kept calling and we kept talking. I credit these calls as an integral part of the development of our relationship.

Anyway, it must have been mid-July at this point, I remember beaming with happiness and blasting The All-American Rejects Dirty Little Secret in my room when I told Mandy that I think we need to just tell our parents about each other – at which point I remember walking out of my room to track down my mom and I told her, I said, "Mom, I have a girlfriend, I met her online." And surprisingly (to me) she was very supportive. Granted, my parents have always been supportive of my online endeavors (Thanks mom and dad!). After Mandy did the same thing with her parents, we scheduled a time for both sets of parents to talk on the phone, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Where are we today?

As of today, we have been together for 15+ years (married for 2+ years of that). In June 2020 during the height of the pandemic in New York City we moved to Florida where we currently reside along with our two kitties: Zuck and Nala. Of course, we never call our kitties by their real names though, so if you hear us mention Pelly we're referring to Zuck and if we mention "B" or Peanut we're talking about Nala – just so we're all on the same page now!

We're currently riding out the pandemic in our new home in Florida, it's been a nice change from NYC. We both love the warmer, sunnier weather and the fact we can go swimming pretty much every day. In addition to doing a lot of swimming, we also took up yoga since moving down here. Both activities have really changed our lives – both mentally and psychically. We'll be sharing more about that for sure.

Aside from that, we're animal lovers (who isn't, though), very 420 friendly, Apple fans, and entrepreneurs. There's so much more we can tell you, but it's probably best for you to listen to the intro to us episode of the podcast.

Why we started this site

We decided to start this site because in the 15+ years (that's half of our lives by the way!) we've been together we've learned a ton, and we wanted to share our experiences, talk about sex and relationships, our travels and adventures, as well as other interesting lifestyle content. Plus, we want to use this site as a platform to spread positivity into the universe, we really want to put a smile on your face!

But don't take our word for it...

Here's a few testimonials from family and friends:

Jeff and Mandy are two of my favorite people to be around because they are both completely authentic and unpretentious individuals. From day one, neither of them ever put up a facade, and that made our fast friendship feel natural. They’re the sort of friends you can fully relax around, as they always make an effort to foster a space where you can be your truest self without judgment. They don’t hide their eccentricities, so why should you? We started out as neighbors and became fast friends, and now they’re pretty much family we can’t get rid of. They’ve since moved many states away, and I still fly to visit them (and text them every day). They are some of the most generous, compassionate, open-minded, ambitious and truly hilarious people I know and I will treasure all our adventures, past and future, forever. —danknugz420
I've known Jeff and Mandy for almost two years, and my view on how to have a relationship changed. These two are two amazing souls. When they are together, it amazes me how well they compliment each others personality. Jeff is spunky, funny, smart, and cares for his friends. On the other hand Mandy is calm, relaxed, smart, and caring.  You can tell how much love and support there is between them. I am so happy to call them my friends. They truly inspire me... They're truly each other's ev's! —Sena
I can’t say enough great things about Jeff and Mandy! I have known them for about 3-4 years now and I’ve got to say I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know them and build a strong friendship! They are the best! Mandy lights up any room she walks in with her infectious smile and Jeff has such a contagious laugh you’ll be rolling on the ground laughing along with him! Mandy has warmed my heart so many times! Especially during the thick of quarantine she really came through and pulled me out of a quarantine funk with the most thoughtful surprises! Their personalities really shine and we literally have the BEST group chat!! (I am willing to fight anyone who tries to say otherwise) From Jack Box nights, to DJ’s dinner parties, to late night music adventures I am so lucky and grateful to have such awesome friends!! —Kaley & DJ
Jeff and Mandy have always been an entertaining couple to be friends with. They’ve practically got their own language and it’s clear they’re not only in a relationship, but also best friends. Mandy’s got a quick, sharp mind and tons of ambition. She’s creative and strong. Jeff has a way of inspiring others especially when it comes to the work he’s done and his smarts and is unapologetically (though sometimes when he gets too excited about something he does in fact apologize) himself. They’re both old souls that are kids at heart, which makes them wildly fun to be around yet empathetic and wise when you need someone to talk to. They’re a power couple, and I hope one day I can find someone who fits with me as perfectly as they do with each other. —Emily
Jeff and Mandy’s unique personalities blend together seamlessly and their chemistry makes for a very genuine form of entertainment and insight. I’ve grown up with Jeff’s zany behavior and it can be a lot to handle for one person. However, Mandy is the perfect complement to Jeff. I can talk to them about music, sports, movies, or technology and always learn or discuss new things. As Jeff’s younger brother, the way we speak about music or movies relates to our shared experiences growing up together. Now that Mandy has been part of the family for 15 years, these same conversations extend to Mandy as well. It’s a relationship I’ve admired for the last 15 years. I can't wait to see how LiterallyEv captures their shared energy and invites you to share in it as well. —Jason
The entertaining af duo (Jeff and Mandy) have been a part of my life for the past 15 years. Individually they’re so unique but when you put them together it’s literally like watching two become one. No matter what they talk about it’s as if each offers different, sometimes complimentary but also sometimes completely different, insights that really make me think. I’ve learned so much from both of them. Their chemistry is contagious, and I’ve have always admired it. —Andrew