Take a seat and relax. You made it to our website. This lifestyle site isn't like others you've likely been on – no, this site is being built by an actual power couple. You know, the type of couple you look at and yell out: #GOALS – that type of couple. You can read our story (and you absolutely should) to get the first taste of literallyev. Then once you read this post, head on over to our first article which highlights what it was like to date online before it the norm (we're talking way back in 2005!).

Why did we start this site?

In short, we decided to start this site because in the 15+ years (that's half of our lives by the way!) we've been together we've learned a ton, and we wanted to share our experiences, talk about sex and relationships, our travels and adventures, as well as other interesting lifestyle content. Plus, we want to use this site as a platform to spread positivity into the universe, we really want to put a smile on your face!

What's the meaning behind literallyev?

So before we explain the meaning behind literallyev, we need to explain the meaning behind ev. Here's the skinny: ev is short for "everything" like you're my ev – you're my everything. It's a nickname Jeff came up with many years ago and its stuck. So if you see either of us mention ev we're referring to one another.

Now as to the name literallyev, we thought it was really fitting to have a lifestyle site named literally everything.

What to expect going forward

We're working hard on new content and will be publishing on a regular basis so definitely be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest. In addition to our written content, we're in the midsts of recording a bunch of practice podcasts to ensure that when we do release our first episode that it'll blow your mind.

What else can you tell me about you two?

For that, it's probably better to give you some quotes from family and close friends. Here's a sampling, you can find more on the our story page.

Jeff and Mandy are two of my favorite people to be around because they are both completely authentic and unpretentious individuals. From day one, neither of them ever put up a facade, and that made our fast friendship feel natural. They’re the sort of friends you can fully relax around, as they always make an effort to foster a space where you can be your truest self without judgment. They don’t hide their eccentricities, so why should you? We started out as neighbors and became fast friends, and now they’re pretty much family we can’t get rid of. They’ve since moved many states away, and I still fly to visit them (and text them every day). They are some of the most generous, compassionate, open-minded, ambitious and truly hilarious people I know and I will treasure all our adventures, past and future, forever. —danknugz420
I've known Jeff and Mandy for almost two years, and my view on how to have a relationship changed. These two are two amazing souls. When they are together, it amazes me how well they compliment each others personality. Jeff is spunky, funny, smart, and cares for his friends. On the other hand Mandy is calm, relaxed, smart, and caring.  You can tell how much love and support there is between them. I am so happy to call them my friends. They truly inspire me... They're truly each other's ev's! —Sena
I can’t say enough great things about Jeff and Mandy! I have known them for about 3-4 years now and I’ve got to say I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know them and build a strong friendship! They are the best! Mandy lights up any room she walks in with her infectious smile and Jeff has such a contagious laugh you’ll be rolling on the ground laughing along with him! Mandy has warmed my heart so many times! Especially during the thick of quarantine she really came through and pulled me out of a quarantine funk with the most thoughtful surprises! Their personalities really shine and we literally have the BEST group chat!! (I am willing to fight anyone who tries to say otherwise) From Jack Box nights, to DJ’s dinner parties, to late night music adventures I am so lucky and grateful to have such awesome friends!! —Kaley & DJ

So yeah, welcome to literallyev. We want this place to be a wholesome and friendly community. Please don't hesitate to reach out in the comments, Twitter, Instagram, or email. We look forward to seeing you around.